Marriage + Couples Counseling

Unfortunately, I am not currently accepting new marriage + couples clients. Please contact me to be added to my waitlist or for referrals.

What is the Gottman Method? It is a leading approach to couples counseling that is hopeful, fun, practical, and research-based. It is guided by the extensive work and research of Drs. John and Julie Gottman with the Gottman Institute.


You and your partner will learn about what makes relationships last and what makes them fail, and get to the heart of eliminating destructive patterns of communicating and relating in your relationship.


Frustrating, painful challenges occur during the course of any relationship; even between two people who love one another very deeply. 


During our sessions, we may use the Gottman Method to address:

  • Toxic versus healthy communication patterns. Toxic communication patterns will ruin your relationship. Our goal is to eliminate them.
  • Personality and background differences among you and your partner.
  • Tools to constructively address and manage conflict.
  • The differences between resolvable and unresolvable conflict. Identifying your unresolvable issues.
  • Finding compromise.
  • Listening and responding to emotional needs.
  • If there is a regrettable incident or deep wound, I can help facilitate the process of recovery. It is possible. 
  • Rituals for deepening your connection.


I recommend you and your partner attend counseling together. However, it is ok if your partner chooses not to attend. You and your relationship can benefit regardless.

I highly recommend the following book by John Gottman as an adjunct to our work together, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationship Expert

The Gottman Method has three phases: 

Phase 1: Assessment (three sessions). During this phase, we carefully take time to understand what is happening in your relationship BEFORE starting the work of responding to what is happening. This is about laying the groundwork and a roadmap for our work together.

Phase 2: Treatment. During this phase, we work together using evidence-based relationship interventions to address your relationship goals.

Phase 3: We end our work together and discuss relapse prevention.

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The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse – Predicting Relationship Failure and What To Do About It