Individual Counseling

Individual counseling to take care of you.

Many people wonder what individual counseling is all about. Simply put, counseling is a professional, supportive relationship all about you. It is a process designed to help you experience more peace and satisfaction in your everyday life.

You may or may not know what you want to address in counseling. There may be a recurrent issue, or you may not be able to put a finger on what's weighing you down. Sometimes people seek counseling for support through a single incident. Don't worry if you're unsure. We can unpack what's happening and identify the issue(s) together. We can discuss how counseling can help, and how to get started. You may notice some relief after just scheduling your first appointment with me.

Perhaps you have never met with a counselor, or perhaps this is your fifth time. Either way, we can discuss your hopes and fears regarding counseling. I'm determined to make your time with me useful.

Research shows that at the core of successful counseling is a good therapeutic relationship; therefore,

I promise to focus on your strengths and abilities, collaborate with you without giving direct advice, and empower you to be the best version of yourself.   


For adults experiencing:

Life Transition
High Sensitivity (HSPs)
Relationship Concerns 

Personal Growth
-Prioritizing your needs
-Stress Management 
-Authentic Living 
-Expressing Emotions

My work with individuals is primarily guided by the following approaches:

Cognitive-behavioral: we may work to untangle distorted thinking patterns and replace them with more productive ones.  

Mindfulness: life happens in the here and now, thus, where and how you direct your attention in the moment matters. We may work to alter the relationship you have with your thoughts and emotions. 

Also, I consider spiritual, environmental, developmental, and attachment-based factors as contextual keys to facilitate self-understanding. 

*I do not use a single, linear approach in my counseling work with individuals. These are guiding principles that I use. Which of these I incorporate into our work together depends on your unique situation and background. 

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